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More info about Chore Wizard:

What is it?

The Chore Wizard is an inexpensive online service that helps families get their chores done, by:

Making Work Into a Game - Family members earn points for each task they complete, and at the end of the week the top-scoring family member is awarded credit. Parents can decide how much credit, and also what the credit can be used for, whether it is money, or anything else that fits with your parenting style.

Giving Family Members a Choice - Each family member gets to choose the tasks they accomplish each day, from the list of available tasks. By giving everyone choices, the Chore Wizard motivates everyone to finish their work.

Giving Autonomy to Everyone - Family members log in, claim a chore that is available, and then click the "complete" button when it is finished. Points and credits are all automated. Family members feel empowered to make their own decisions and act independently.

Making it Easy - Parents set up each task with a number of days that the task waits before re-appearing on the active list. Once the Chore Wizard is set up, it runs on its own. Each user sees only tasks that are on the active list, and are available to their age or lower. Of course, parents can get involved at any time, easily moving tasks to the active list or even adding one-time tasks that disappear after they are completed.

How does it work?

Step 1: Sign up - You start by entering a few very basic pieces of information. Your name, a username and password, and your email (which is, and will always be private). We will make sure that you own the email address you use (no fair signing someone else up).

Step 2: Enter a few tasks - To get started, you will enter a few tasks, or chores that need to get done. You can always add more later.

Step 3: Enter your family members - You will want to make an account for each member of your family. This is how they will log in, claim a task and the mark it complete when they finish it. It doesn't take long to set these up, but once it's done everyone can access The Chore Wizard on their own.

Step 4: Review your family quotas - To make it fair for your 7-year old daughter to compete for prizes with your 15 year-old son, The Chore Wizard assigns each user a quota, or number of points they have to complete before they start to gain "extra" points, which count for prizes. To do this, The Chore Wizard will look at the number of points your family will have to complete in order to accomplish a week's worth of tasks, and then it divides those points between your family members using their ages as a guide. The older they are, the more points they will have in their quota. Of course, you are free to change anyone's quota at any time.

Step 5: Watch the work get done! - Once you show your kids how to log in and claim a task, you can just step back and watch the work get done!
Of course, it doesn't hurt to show them how to do the tasks, if they don't know how. Setting expectations for tasks is always a good idea, so people know what "good" and "done" looks like.

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